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„With our magazine marcus® we supply more than 60,000 households with interesting information on regional issues. Now we also have our own marcus+ app! The people of the region are happy about the new mobile reading fun.“

Tobias Fritzsche, Project Manager, MARCUS Verlag GmbH

„I especially liked the annotations. Learners can underline in color and annotate text passages with text, audio and image commentaries.“

Henrik Lührs, Executive Director, AIRCADEMY LTD.

 „We have decided on LookUP! because it provides us with the possibility to offer our customers all publications on the subject of fire protection in a single themed app.“

Christoph Wöhrle, Editorial, Verlag W. Kohlhammer GmbH

„I appreciate the personal and technical collaboration with SilkCode.“

Philipp Zürcher, Marketing and New Media, Lambertus-Verlag

„With LookUP! we can finally offer our fire protection atlas in digital form on current mobile devices. Our customers are enthused and so are we.“

Günter Ruhe, Publishing Director, Feuertrutz

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The direct line to your target audience

Unlike the usual e-book models, LookUP! allows publishers to fully control several processes up to the digital delivery in the LookUP! applications.

The direct line to your target audience

the direct line to your target audience

Unlike the usual e-book models, LookUP! allows publishers to fully control several processes up to the digital delivery in the LookUP! applications.

This results into individual marketing possibilities and business models. For example, a theme app allows the possibility of offering a package of books, journals and loose-leaf publications of a certain specialized field, with the appropriate app label and its own branding.

In addition to buying, LookUP! facilitates lending, flat-rate access and bundling. Backlist and journal archives can be offered to lower costs digitally than by any other means of distribution.

Update books by exchanging single pages and chapters and offer this as a free service to your clients, or a purchase option.

LookUP! offers publishers the possibility to directly contact their clients. The LookUP! publishing portal allows new publications to be easily placed into the virtual LookUP! app bookshelf whether they are free reading samples or subject-specific newsletters for example.

More than just a digital print app for your clients

Simply scrolling through a PDF would be too little to offer. Before your publication lands on your client's tablet, LookUP! extracts everything from your data – automatically on the LookUP! server.

More than just a digital print app for your clients

Simply scrolling through a PDF would be too little to offer. Before your publication lands on your client's tablet, LookUP! extracts everything from your data – automatically on the LookUP! server.

The LookUP! app offers your clients this and much more: 

  • an intelligent and extremely performant search (Apache Lucene) – even across several publications
  • electronic directories and links
  • comfortable annotations (markings, notes, photos and audio comments)
  • bookmarks working as a memo
  • editorial news by means of push annotations (as a current recording of the publisher)

LookUP! is the only app that supports exchange and complementing systems for single pages: 

  • automatic sorting of exchange pages
  • access to previous editions (e. g. in order to view a previous legal status)

Start right now

The clou: you don’t need to invest either time or money in your data processing. All you need for LookUP! are PDF files which are already available.

Start right now

The clou: you don’t need to invest either time or money in your data processing. All you need for LookUP! are PDF files which are already available.

This eliminates your intensive quality check, which is necessary for the production of ePub & Co. Special symbols, formulas, incorporated diagrams – everything is taken over correctly.

DRM inclusive: your PDFs are, of course, encrypted in the LookUP! app and not directly accessible to the user.

So – simply upload the PDF and shortly after you can read and edit it on iPad & Co.

Flexible digital business models

Establish your individual digital offer with LookUP! You decide how your clients will be able to access your content in your LookUP! apps.

Flexible digital business models

Establish your individual digital offer with LookUP! You decide how your clients will be able to access your content in your LookUP! apps.

By entering an activation code that was printed in an edition, for example, or sent out after the purchase in your webshop. Via In-App-Purchase by means of the Apple and/or Google infrastructure – comfortable for your clients, additional sales for you.

You can use the various possibilities the LookUP! ecosystem has to offer, beyond the sale. Temporary reading privileges can be assigned. Either as a loan, for a single publication, or a flat-rate model for all publications, for example in the context of a themed app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is LookUP!?

LookUP! offers publishers an easy, fast and cost-effective possibility to display their publications digitally on mobile devices. The publisher provides the print PDF data via LookUP! web portal. The data is then prepared automatically, for optimal usage. The customer receives the purchased publication by means of the free LookUP! app. This app has many helpful additional features.

Which publishing products is LookUP! suited for?

LookUP! is suited for all publications for which the PDF print files are available, particularly non-fiction publications such as journals, books, loose-leaf publications, technical documentations, business reports etc. LookUP! is also the only solution on the market with regard to loose-leaf publications (see also Why is LookUP! ideal for loose-leaf publications?).

Our publications on iPad & Co. – do our clients even need them?

The constantly changing media usage behavior as well as the quick spread of digital mobile end devices lead to constantly decreasing subscription numbers and sales to the print media.

With LookUP! you can now offer your clients an attractive digital print alternative with an added value. All this without the investment, waiting time and the risks that come with digital product development.

LookUP! allows you to keep clients who are open to innovative digital offers. And you can facilitate a “soft media change” for the more conservative clients with a print-oriented mindset – LookUP! preserves the layout and the page-based use.

What are the highlights of the LookUP! app?

The publications’ PDF data are first processed automatically on our LookUP! server before they are delivered digitally. Full text indexing and publication-based processing routines enrich the content of your PDF data. Your clients receive the additional benefits that they will greatly appreciate in their day-to-day work.

  • Intelligent and extremely performant search:

    LookUP! uses Lucene – the modern program library for full text searches. This facilitates highly performant searches even on the tablet – including publications of thousands of pages.

    LookUP! offers these particular search possibilities:

    • Search through several publications and/or current and previous editions
    • Fuzzy search: “Find expressions that are similar to my search”
    • Extended search parameters (AND, OR, NOT, wildcards, etc.)
    • Weighted scoring
  • Electronic table of contents and index:

    If your PDF data doesn’t contain any linked directories, we will insert them and link them to the corresponding data’s content. Your clients will be able to access the table of contents directly from the LookUP! app menu and can jump from the entries in the index via fingertip to the referenced pages.

  • Comfortably annotate and share:

    Any fragment can be highlighted by the reader with different markings. Texts and audio comments as well as pictures (even taken directly with the camera) can be attached to any part of the text.

    Marked texts and individual annotations can be shared via E-mail or Facebook.

    Special features of the loose-leaf publications: annotations that can be found on exchange pages are taken over automatically – as long as the context is still available.

  • Editorial annotations:

    The push annotations can be imported at any given moment and can be attached to a certain text fragment. This way you can provide the client with additional updates and text-related information.

LookUP! is the only app providing features that match the special demands of the loose-leaf publications:

  • Automatic sorting of the exchanged pages:

    LookUP! eliminates the time-consuming sorting of the new exchanges. The difference pages are determined by the server. They are imported automatically into the app, by the fingertip of the user. The new pages can moreover be visualized in a filtered view.

    The existing annotations are automatically transferred to the new pages – provided that the context is still available.

  • Accessing the previous editions:

    Information that was valid at some point in the past must sometimes be accessed. For example, if a lawyer evaluates an older case, he needs to take into consideration the laws and the related comments from that exact timespan.

    LookUP! allows your client to access this information with just a fingertip.

  • Work tools:

    Additional documents attached to a loose-leaf publication (e.g. information on a CD ROM), can also be delivered digitally via LookUP!

In which way is LookUP! ideal for loose-leaf publications?

Most digital publication solutions require an individual data processing, e. g. according to the XML standard. This also means modifications which have to be done relating to the print-oriented production process. A lot of effort and high expenses arise particularly due to the huge page extents of loose-leaf publications – a large barrier for the entrance into the digital market.

All LookUP! needs is your publications’ PDF data. This data are indexed on the server for an effective search and the directories are automatically read and linked.

LookUP! electronically depicts with total accuracy the systematics of the print exchanges. The sorting of the new pages on iPad & Co. is done automatically. The client has constant access to the previous editions.

Furthermore, tablets such as the iPad have the perfect dimensions for the comfortable use of the A5 loose-leaf publications – even in the 100 % view. The perfect display of the layout PDF is preserved. This is a huge advantage for complex tables, formulas or individually designed pages.

What differentiates LookUP! from other comparable solutions on the market?

There are already PDF-based apps for consumer magazines. Compared to the print, they offer the reader nothing more than a small added value. This added value appears only after the enlargement with multimedia content. For this to happen, the content has to be produced and processed in the PDF data.

However, there are solutions which require a structured, rule-compliant data (mostly XML). The contents are available, however at the cost of data processing.

Structured information, such as tables, formulas or individually developed elements may cause great effort. Complex print layouts might not adapt to a new monitor adequately without a conceptually new approach. Even XML-based solutions call for images or PDF files.

LookUP! combines the best of both worlds:

  • no special data processing and unaltered production processes
  • perfect, flawless display – fixed layout instead of a reflowable eBook
  • PDF content developed by the server by indexing and matching publication processing routines
  • highly performant and “intelligent” search – even for large contents
  • comfortable functions for text, image and audio annotations
  • the only solution on the market for loose-leaf publications

What subscriptions and pricing models can be depicted in LookUP! – and how about our print clients?

Business initiation and completion between you and your client can create all possible subscription and pricing models. You, the publisher, decide the contract stipulations and pricing, and the profit is yours 100 %. Access for the download of the purchased publications is given to your clients by the LookUP! server.

LookUP! allows you to decide for every customer how many devices are allowed to access a publication. This can lead to individual license offers for companies.

You can temporarily offer your clients free publications or suggest a test purchase. If the client decides, within the offered timespan, not to purchase or if he uses the return policy, he will not be allowed to use the app any further.

(The following statements apply to the use of the LooUP! App for iOS (Apple).)

It is slightly different in the case of in-app sales. It happens automatically if the LookUP! user activates the “Purchase” option. In this case, the business transaction automatically runs through Apple’s iTunes. Your in-app sales offers must comply with the Apple guidelines. This is why subscriptions must generally be paid for in advance. Apple also keeps 30 % of the sales as commission.

Is my work on iPad & Co. safe?

Your publications are absolutely safe from unauthorized distribution, due to our modern encryption technology. The LookUP! user has no direct access to the underlying PDF data.

As far as your direct clients are concerned, the decision regarding how many end devices can access a publication, is yours. In-app purchases are protected by an apple ID that can only be accessed from the user’s device.

What kind of devices can I publish my LookUP! publications on?

LookUP! is available for 3 applications: for iPad (Apple) devices, for all Android devices and as a PC desktop application.





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Reemers Publishing Services supports publishers in overcoming challenges like integrating XML technologies cost-effectively in existing processes – with innovative software solutions, a high level of expertise and production capacities in Germany and abroad.

As a full service agency, NEWSBOOKS Solutions offers industry specific IT consulting, implementation of standard software, high quality catalogue data and individually developed IT solutions – starting with the concept up to the implementation and support of your IT systems.

With NEWBOOKS Solutions’ eLibrary you incorporate LookUP! directly into your web shop or your website, and thus improve search functionalities.

Enhance your offer with the following extensions: 

  • Your titles can be found more easily by means of professional metadata handling as well as classification, categorizing  and indexing of your content.
  • Create an app for a specific subject or field of specialization which is publisher-independent.





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Privacy Policy for the SilkCode-APP

(Status: June 2015)

1. General information

As a producer of the LookUP! software, SilkCode takes the user’s personal data protection as well as the information requirements very seriously and complies strictly with the privacy law’s legal terms. The present statement offers an overview on how this protection is provided and what kind of data is applied to what purposes.

For further questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact: info(at)silkcode(dot)de

2. Storage of personal data

The access data for using the software and the publications within the software (login data) as well as the private data voluntarily submitted by the user for registration purposes, represent personal data. 

This data is stored on a server in Germany for an unlimited period of time.

The personal data is processed exclusively according to the German regulations, under strict protection of the Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA) and guideline 95/46/EG of the European Parliament and Council, since October 24th 1995, for the protection of individuals in processing personal data and free data traffic. 

3. Purpose of data storage – access data (login data)

The storage of the access data (login) serves as to provide the copyrighted content of the publications for the user. The user-related processing of the publications can be provided for several end devices and platforms. The information on the specific number of end devices will be linked to the access data.

4. Purpose of data storage – registration

The users are now given the possibility to enrich the publications provided by the software with their own bookmarks and annotations in the form of texts, images, pictures and audio comments. These bookmarks and annotations are initially saved locally in the native apps, on the user’s end device and not transferred to SilkCode. Therefore, they are only available on the mobile end device, on which the bookmarks and annotations were set.

The bookmarks and annotations can not be used locally if a browser-based application is in use, since the application only works online. So the user has to register on the browser-based application before he can create annotations and bookmarks. The user also has to register if he wants to use his locally on a native platform created annotations and bookmarks on other platforms (other native apps or browser-based applications), without having to remake them again for this purpose.

The registration effects the transfer of the created annotations onto a server operated by SilkCode in Germany. The registration allows the user-assigned restoring of the bookmarks and annotations when reinstalling, as well as their takeover on exchange pages in the case of “loose-leaf products”. The use of the registration function is basically voluntary for the user.

The user’s registration by means of entering a personal e-mail address and a user-assigned password in the “Additional features” field is necessary for the synchronization of the end devices. The synchronization of end devices follows by means of a so-called Double-Opt-In procedure, where the user has to confirm the e-mail address and password he used during the registration. The e-mail address and user-provided password will be encrypted and saved by the server.

The synchronization requires an internet connection. The bookmarks and/or annotations related to the respective publication and the registered e-mail address, are saved on a server, as part of the synchronization.

When uninstalling the software, the annotations and bookmarks that are saved locally, will be deleted from the user’s device. The data from the server, transmitted by means of registration, remains untouched. 

5. Consent for storing user data

By using the software and publications, the user consents that his access data as well as the data obtained within the synchronization procedure as voluntarily submitted registration data, is stored. 

The purpose of storing the data serves exclusively for the providing and maintaining of the services described in point 3 and 4, as well as the evaluation of statistics on using the software and the publications linked within it.

The following data is being stored for this purpose:

  • Date of approval
  • Equipment identity of the mobile end device (iOS and Android platform). What iOS is concerned, the used operating system and its version are also stored for the equipment identity. 
  • In case of using a browser-based application, the type and version of the browser are exclusively stored, but the operating system of the computer and the type of the device aren’t.
  • Statistics for the loading and reading of the publications: when and how often documents are used and on which platforms, what kind of documents are used and which pages are loaded or read. The external links of a publication accessed by a user are also stored, as well as the timeframe in which they are accessed.

The storage and evaluations are carried out anonymously. Their purpose is to ensure the functionality and safety of the application and optimize the offer for the user. 

Furthermore, information on the accessed resources will also be stored on the server. This storage includes software technical error logs (log files), should there be any errors. There will be no analysis to convey user-targeted advertising nor are there going to be any user profiles generated. 

6. Analysis tools

Other types of analysis or the use of third-party software analysis tools will not take place.

7. Access to microphone, camera of gallery

The access to the microphone, camera or gallery can be granted on devices of the iOS platform or operation of a browser-based application only with the prior consent of the user. Android devices require the consent before using the app, before installing it.

8. Location-based data / third party services

Location-based data is not transmitted. Other potential third party services are also not used.

9. Social plugins

The software provides the user with the possibility to share contents with other users via e-mails or social networks. However this doesn’t mean there will automatically be a direct connection to the social networks. The user needs to log into the respective social network. SilkCode will explicitly not store the necessary login data.

10. Links for the URLs of other providers

The contents offered by the software can contain links for other providers’ URLs. The provider of the page that has been referred to is the only person to be held liable for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and especially for damage resulting from the use or disuse of such information, and not the person that referred to the links of the publication.

11. Disclosure of personal data

User-specific data will not be disclosed to third parties, neither for business, advertising nor any other purposes. Data in anonymous form will also not be passed on. SilkCode also takes technical precautions, which should prevent hacking or any other illegal methods of data storage. However, SilkCode can not offer a hundred percent guarantee in preventing illegal data transfer and will also not be held liable for any resulting damages.

12. Data processing outside the European Union / location of the server

The processing of personal data outside the European Union will not take place. 

Personal data is saved and stored on a server operated in Germany.

13. User rights

According to § 34 of the FDPA each user has the right to claim information free of charge, concerning his personal data that has been stored about him and concerning the purpose of the data storage.

Other than that, the user has the right to correct inaccurate data, block and delete personal data, as long as there aren’t any legal objections. This does not occur automatically, it requires a written notice from the user to SilkCode.

The revocation for storage of personal data leads to the fact that functions and services of the software are completely or at least partially unavailable.

14. Status of this privacy policy

This privacy policy was created on 17.06.2015. We reserve our right to make changes. So far as these changes concern the stockholding of personal data, you will be notified by us.

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